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We were born ready for mass deployments

iTouchNetwork's cloud-based platform was designed purely as a digital infrastructure and is based on automation so that local networks are operated at the top level instead of on a per kiosk basis. Its software is campaign-focused, with embedded rules that generate content loops and require no human intervention. Since iTouchNetwork is responsible for server infrastructure and maintenance, there are no limits to increasing the size of your advertising campaign and no requirements for additional personnel.

We're rigid, yet flexible

iTouchNetwork's platform can adapt to any IT security policy. In terms of our feature set, regular upgrades are included in every advertising subscription to ensure your content is consistently up-to-date.

Our analytical system helps you too

What's more, iTouchNetwork's analytic reports are aggregated by campaign, making it easy for you to understand how many people viewed their ads and uploaded your coupons or even purchased tickets to your event or property.

Where we are today

iTouchNetwork is securing advertisers in the Orlando, Miami, and Tampa Bay, Florida Markets.

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